Brown Sugar Cookies

Today was a beautiful and successful day for baking! I made brown sugar cookies with varying combinations (plain, walnuts, oats and flaxseed). It was delicious! I couldn’t resist eating a lot. It had the right amount of sweetness and taste. It wasn’t overwhelming, so before I know it, I have eaten a handful. Crunchy on the outside, but very chewy and flavourful on the inside. Each bite reminded me of Mrs. Field’s White Chocolate Macadamia (and we all know how great that is). For such a simple and quick recipe, the results are surely amazing! I can’t wait to make more for my officemates and cousins! I’m still contemplating whether I should add chocolate chips. I think that’ll be too sweet and quite the sugar overkill.

Exhilarated with the results, but very fearful for my weight. I’d really have to strike a balance. I’m planning to bake early in the morning, so sweets consumed have a chance of being digested throughout the day. I’m not even sure, if that’s legit reasoning. Cognitive dissonance is really a bummer.