Winning Apple Crisp

The weather was horrid these past few days. Stuck at home, I used my time effectively and made a winning Apple Crisp. I must say, it is winning indeed. It was superb! The taste of traditional apple pie with the crisp goodness of oats and sweet brown sugar. Duh, like brown sugar was ever not sweet.

I did a lot of revisions, though. Breaking it down:

Following the recipe at point blank, the pie was revoltingly sweet. So I reduced the sugar by half, both for the sauce and crust.

I doubled the crust servings, so I wouldn’t have to divide the serving in half. Because the original crust portion forced the apples and apple sauce to ooze out. What a waste. The original serving left the crust almost unnoticeable (taste-wise, of course).

I increased the apples and mixed Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith. Instead of using 4 (which I assumed to be 4 cups), I used 7 relatively small apples! I wanted to have the apple commanding taste at every bite — if that’s even a legit experience or description or aim.

Happy to know that after 2 tries, I managed to make the pie of my apple pie dreams — not too sweet, apple-y and scrumptious and filling at every bite. My family was very much delighted! Even my mother who is rarely delighted by sweets she did not personally purchase.

Please try this. I’ve always been so daunted with pie making before. I’m very proud and ecstatic over this triumph. This recipe is easy, simple and rewarding.

Good days are surely ahead!