Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

by kritandkaye

I was waiting for a day when I make bread and say it’s divine. Glad to know it came early in my baking experience. The warm, soft bread sheltered in a cinnamon sugar crusted crunchy outer layer. The experience? Spectacle. Wonderful. Amazing. I had it for breakfast, dreamt about it all day at work and devoured almost entirely for dinner. Good thing I already gave some to people in our house before hoarding little of what’s left.  By night, there weren’t leftovers to share, only memories of a flavorful, euphoric (and oddly simple) dessert.

If it were possible to make this everyday, I would. But fearful for my waistline, I’d be wary to even attempt. Please try it once and know that something this great exists AND can exist in your own kitchen. It’s the type of dessert I’d bring to my friends over brunch,  a Sunday family gathering or a sure pick-me-up when I’m just not feeling quite myself.

I’m thinking of baking this next week again. I’d really love it if my friends and family could try it freshly baked. The experience is always best when it’s right out of the oven, anyway.