Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

by kritandkaye

2 things: where’s the cream cheese frosting and why do the cupcakes look like spongecake/chiffon?

I didn’t follow the original recipe for the cream cheese frosting, instead I followed what claimed to be the best cream cheese frosting ever. Boy, was that lady wrong. It was the worst! Packed with confectioner’s sugar, I wanted to die. My tongue was so revolted with the taste. I felt like I was chugging spoonfuls of sugar in my mouth and passing it as frosting. I could not attempt to lather it on the good cupcakes I have already baked.

In fairness to the best cream cheese frosting ever, trying it the next day, wasn’t so bad. I don’t know whether placing it on the fridge froze the sugar or whatever, but it seemed to go well with the cupcakes. I plan to use them in small portions and mix them with cream cheese to level-out the sweetness. I’m very excited for that because we all love cupcakes with a dash of sweetness on top!

Addressing the chiffon-looking issue, I should really invest on better muffin tins and cups. I got mine so cheap and thought I could get away with it. At least I know how to make banana mamon? Yeah, visually speaking, cupcakes weren’t appealing. But more importantly, the banana “cupcakes” were moist and yummy. Taste was just right! I added more bananas because I go bananas over bananas!

My family loved it. Said it had the right consistency and passed their expectations of what banana cupcakes should taste like (like your classic banana cake).

I was going to add walnuts, but I remembered it while it was already baking. That was a waste of better ingredients and experience!

P.S. Wouldn’t it be great (awesome and stupendous, if you ask me) if you placed peanut butter in the middle of the cupcakes? Like molten lava only peanut butter will spew (not the best word to use) at every banana cupcake bite? PEANUT BUTTER SURPRISE! Pretty amazing, eh!!! I’ll blog about that when I make them real soon.

Something similar to this, but only better! WAY, WAY GOOEY AND BUTTER, PEANUT BUTTER!!!