Rustic Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

by kritandkaye



Recipe says cheddar cheese muffins, but they resemble biscuits or scones more than anything. So, I improvised.

In the future, though, I would add more sugar, a teensy bit of salt and less flour. Or chives. Yum.

Was quite disappointed with the turnout. I was expecting it to be scrumptious, sweet and gooey. But in all fairness to the recipe, I failed to read the reviews before baking them. I wasn’t expecting a scone-like taste and texture. I can’t say it was bad, though. I’ve asked a couple of people to taste/eat/devour it and I received mixed reviews. If you were to prepare it for dinner, to serve as a replacement for bread, then it’ll be awesome! Even better paired with afternoon tea or coffee! On the brightest side of things, the ones I baked in the morning are now consumed and happily digested in full and satisfied tummies!