The Challenge

I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

The same goes with baking (or any other endeavor I wish to explore and document in this blog).

I charted this entry while I was half asleep yesterday. But thoughts generated in bed are always fleeting. I forgot all the things I wanted to say.

This is my very humble (and experimental) take on Julie Powell’s well-esteemed Julie & Julia Project. Unlike Julie’s, I will not engage in French Cooking. Too gnarly for my taste and capacity. BUT, like Julie’s, I will bake my way to pastry euphoria. Ideally finish my “recipe book” by the end of 2012. They’re a bunch-load of recipes from various food blogs (130, to be exact) I’ve acquired in the few months that I’ve started working. I have around 300 recipes — yes, people, I’m quite ambitious. Maybe finish at least half of those and I’ll have an idea whether this baking gig is of sincere interest/passion. I’m certain anyone who thought of baking considered enrolling to baking school. Setting realistic goals for myself (and my parents), I don’t wish to spend only to find it wasn’t for me. Sooo, I’m trying to use my time (and sublime youth) effectively. Baking seems to tickle my fancy right now, so why not immerse and plunge into the unknown. Who knows? I might suprise myself and stumble upon a stable form of happiness. Besides, who can resist a KitchenAid?

Let’s get going, then! Follow me on Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr. All with the same username: janynchua. Uniformity, I love it.

P.S. Please forgive and oversee all gramatical and typographical errors. I will commit a lot.